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Singularity was first to be a stage play. Two characters on stage confronting a change in their friendship, finding their way towards the importance of friendship. As the idea grew the importance of change and the effects it had on the meaning of a friendship in an individual's life and what affects it filtered out to those we call our friends became the story of Singularity.

It was clear that many people are involved when life changes. Two actors on stage wouldn't do. The story evolved to include characters from several groups that bear change on the lives of individuals connected to the main character Ted Bask.

Setting the story during the lives of a varied grouping of people in their late twenties served to examine a time in life when our choices have begun to bear the most weight. A path in life has been fought for, a personality crafted, our tolerances, excesses, hatreds and goals carved solid. Forced to exhibit these desires, for it is us, peace, marriage, success, control, and the mechanics we choose to exercise them are often too rigid a posture for those who trailed along with us over the formative years.

The lesson is, while you're working on yourself are you keeping an eye to those around you. Not the eye of scrutiny but one of acceptance and awareness. We change but, maybe others like what they thought they had a hand in making, hating to realize it was a hold to what they could manage in you, of you.

Seeking to fulfill life choices causes breakdowns in bonds, importance is reordered, friendships end. Friendship has a capacity in our lives, and nature seeks to fill it. A turn away is a new direction. Encounters follow where new, renewed, friendship is acquired.

It was compelling to look beyond two individuals in friction to see who had a hand to their backs and reveal their respective lives together and why it bore a change with another. At the start, behind it all, was the simple recognition that friendship is an important part of life.


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